Sunday, July 19, 2015

Inspiration: Miami summers

While I have been to Florida before, I have never been to Miami, and it is one of those places I would love to get to see at some point.
I am particularly drawn to the iconic colorful art d├ęco architecture that I've always only seen on magazines and in movies and the vision it creates in my mind of a blistering hot afternoon where the sun rays bounce off the pale colored surfaces of the buildings and almost hurt your eyes.
Here is a little collage of Etsy finds inspired by this atmosphere and by my favorite of all seasons...

1) Travel poster of the Carlyle Hotel,WhiteOneSugar
2) Red Wrap Dress, Kulayan
3) Avalon Hotel Fine Art Photography, CestLaVieArt
4) The Colony Fine Art print, GwenMeyerson
5) Art Deco Building, Miami, Fine Art Photography, VictoriaPhotoShop
6) Vintage Lanvin Sunglasses, PNB vintage 
7) South Beach Peach Architecture Photography, inthisinstance

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