Sunday, February 19, 2017

Paris details

Last month, right after New Years, we took a train to Paris to go visit a few friends who live there.
I had been to Paris once before when I was 12, and I remembered it being a gorgeous city, yet it managed to blow me away with its beauty as if it were the first time I went.
Since anything I could possibly write about how beautiful Paris is would just end up being clichĂ© and trite, I though I would just show you a few pictures I took of small details that grabbed my attention while I was there. My boyfriend was perplexed at the amount of pictures I took of the rooftops in Paris, but how could I not when they looked like this... 

It was freezing cold but I proudly wore my black merino hat I made last fall (I had been wanting to make myself a black hat similar to this one for ages, and finally managed last November, as evidenced by this instagram picture I took of the work in progress).

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Beautiful, beautiful design

Let's just take a minute to admire the beautiful design of these amazing sweaters from the pattern library of Brooklyn Tweed, shall we?
I love the wearability, versatility and clean lines of each and every one of them...

Palmer by Michele Wang
Nila by VĂ©ronik Avery
Ilia by Michele Wang
Prime by Michele Wang
Larus by Norah Gaughan
Corvid by Jared Flood

All images via Brooklyn Tweed

Saturday, November 26, 2016


If, like me, you have a deep fascination for New York City and its history, I suggest taking a look at Ephemeral New York.
The website is a treasure, each article tells you a little bit about the history of the city, the hidden worlds within it, the way it used to be, the lesser known historical episodes that occurred there, the characters that have lived in it and their way of life... I can get lost in it for hours.
It makes me long to go back to that amazing city and try to look at it with an eye for hidden details.
I suggest exploring through their archives, but if you live far away from New York, be prepared for a healthy dose of Wanderlust...


 All images from Ephemeral New York

Saturday, October 8, 2016


As I've been struggling with my productivity a bit lately, looking back at pictures my dad and I took of things I have made during the years encourages me to create more. I especially love the detail shots, so many amazing yarns, so many beautiful textures...

Saturday, May 14, 2016


The past two weeks I had the opportunity to travel around Japan and attend my childhood friend's wedding there. Beforehand I had never been further East than Turkey so the whole experience felt entirely new  to me, it was like being in a world that is somehow similar to mine yet entirely different.
Japan is an amazing country, and what I loved especially was getting the chance to appreciate the diversity it offers...from the huge modern cities full of lights and people to the quiet and peaceful temples hidden in luscious forests, from the incredible contemporary art museums to the old town centers with wooden houses and narrow roads, from foggy mountain tops to beaches full of highschool kids in uniforms.
There was something about Japan (and probably being on vacation helped as well) that calmed my spirit, and I really hope I can maintain this state of mind as long as possible as I move on into my daily life.
Here are a few pictures from the trip...