Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The right moment

I was at a friend's house in London the other day and I found this book on her bookshelf:

What to do when it's your turn (and it's always your turn), by Seth Godin.
I had seen this book mentioned in various places around the internet so I was curious and I started flipping through the pages.
I came across a paragraph that really made me stop and think:

"More than four hundred years ago, Gutenberg launched the printing press. What a foolish time to bring a book manufacturing system to Europe - 96 percent of the population was illiterate.
When only one in twenty-five people knows how to use the product you're about to launch, and when learning how to use it (to read) takes years, it's clearly ridiculous to even consider this project.

When Karl Benz introduced the car to Germany, it was against the law to drive a car. He had to get a letter from the King granting him permission to use his new device.
And, worth mentioning, no one knew how to drive a car. And there were no roads. And no gas stations.
Again, a foolish time to launch that project, no?"

Sometimes if we keep waiting for the right time to do things, to start projects, to take action on our ideas, if we keep waiting for the perfect moment, we are probably falling into a useless trap of procrastination out of fear, rather than doing something that might end up working in the end.
The book seems very inspiring and I love the design and layout of it.

Here are a few pictures I took in London with my phone (it was Chinese New Years so Chinatown was all decked up for the party)...

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