Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring knitting inspiration

This past winter has been probably one of my least productive from a knitting perspective.
I am still having a hard time managing my time and adjusting to my schedule and fitting everything into the limited hours of the day and this has made it hard for me to sit down and knit as much as I would want to.
Lately I've been slightly obsessed with learning more about minimalism. I have been consistently reading and following blogs and youtube channels about minimalism and simplifying your life (some of my favorites are The Minimalists, Becoming minimalist, Light by Coco etc.)
I know that it has become very much a trend this past year (as for instance with the whole KonMari method obsession), but I believe that even when the novelty and trendiness will have worn out, the important message behind the whole movement will remain. We have seen enough excess, it's time to slow down.
What I have found very interesting is that all of these bloggers and youtubers and writers don't just concentrate on physical objects, they also focus on simplifying your life and schedule. Owning less and doing less in order to have more time (and money!) to concetrate on the things that are truly important to you. This has really made me evaluate the way I live my life as I have always had a tendency to fill every waking hour of the day with stuff to do, and have always had a very hard time saying no to people. It is something I am trying to work on. Time is limited, I have to learn to let go of some things in order to enjoy others.
In hopes of finding more time to work on what I truly love (knitting projects, ├ža va sans dire), here is some knitting inspiration I found on Quince and Co for beautiful spring projects.
I love how all of these items are simple, wearable and make perfect sense with the warmer season.

Amalia by Pam Allen, via Quince and Co
Jessamin by Melissa Labarre, via Quince and Co
Zara by Dianna Walla, via Quince and Co
Tamsin by Dawn Catanzaro, via Quince and Co
May by Bristol Ivy, via Quince and Co

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