Saturday, December 5, 2015

Knitting for the wearer

I find that some knitwear designers mainly keep the knitter in mind when designing their projects, but tend to think less about the person who will actually wear the garment.
They use beautiful, complicated and challenging stitches, complex pattern designs and interesting construction elements so that the item will be entertaining and challenging for the knitter to create, but when you look at the final product, sometimes something is slightly off, maybe the fit isn't perfect, the combination of color and stitch type make it a little grandma-like, or simply the item doesn't look or feel like something you would choose to buy to add to you wardrobe.
And then, then there is Joji Locatelli.
Joji Locatelli, of Joji Knits, is a knitwear designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who has the pretty much astounding ability to create designs that are absolutely beautiful both from a knitter's perspective and for who will wear them. The patterns are interesting, with clever design details and beautiful stitches and cables placed in strategic positions, and the finished items are classic yet modern, flattering and very chic.
Her new book "The authentic collection", recently came out, so if you are a knitter, or even just if you like looking at really good design in general, go take a look on her website or on Ravelry!

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