Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I can get lost on the internet because it is so easy to find incredibly talented creative people, every time you discover one artist or artisan or designer you admire you are likely to end up on a link that will send you to another equally inspiring creative person and so on and so forth till you get wrapped up in it for hours...
This is Gael Towey's very interesting website, look at this video for instance, to find out more about Gabriella Kiss's world and creative process, and that of her husband. I am fascinated by her aesthetic, extremely sophisticated and even soothing, and inspired by nature in a non traditional way, where it is the small and often ignored things that grab her attention, even things that most people might be repulsed by (insects, bones, mushrooms etc.), and that she turns into beautiful and elegant pieces of jewellery.
Take a look for yourself:

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