Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A dreamy rainy evening

Last Sunday was almost a complete failure. My boyfriend and I had plans to do lots of things but managed to do almost nothing  and what we did manage to do was a bit disappointing. I was feeling a little sad, since I work shifts and he has a regular schedule it is rare for us to have a day where neither of us is working and I had a depressing feeling that we had waisted this rare opportunity... some things we couldn't do because what we wanted to visit was closed, others because we got there to late, others because they were too far away...we were in the pretty medieval town of Saluzzo and were about to get into the car and leave but I decided I didn't want to give up. It was starting to get dark but I decided I was going to see what the town had to offer at that time of day. It didn't really make much sense, it was just starting to rain but I just felt so sad (probably more than I rationally should have) and just wanted the satisfaction of having seen at least one thing that day. So I got out of the car, went to the tourist center and asked. First we ended up in a historical building, the bishop's palace, where a few old people were listening to a conference on ancient ways of measuring time. Not exactly the most exciting of things but it was really more of a question of principle by then, I just wanted to do and see something.
The building was interesting but really nothing incredible but a sweet old man walked up to us and showed us around explaining those very few artifacts that were displayed in the rooms. That sweet gesture started to change my mood around. It was one of those small things that can warm you up inside when you're feeling a little unhappy. I then asked him about a church that was apparently beautiful but that we had walked right by when returning to the car. The church was on top of a hill we had just walked down and while we ignored it thinking it was closed like everything else, once I got in the car I read that it was open till later in the evening and really worth seeing. He confirmed it was worth it and told us how to get there, telling us we better hurry because it was going to close soon.
So we hurried up the hill (my boyfriend wasn't really too happy about this if we're being honest), under the rain, with no umbrella or hood in my case and, of course, by the time we got there the church was closed. The thing is, we were under the rain, it was cold and I was soaking wet, and I was suddenly in a good mood again. I don't know if I am crazy, but the medieval old town on the top of the hill, under the rain, with the street lights reflecting on the old stone pavement, with hardly none around and the only sign of life coming from a small bar which was playing a melanchonic was just so dreamy that that tiny moment made up for the whole day. I probably am a little crazy, I just wrote a whole paragraph about almost nothing, but it's poetic little moments like these where out of the blue you feel like you're in a movie and everything feels perfect that I tend to remember and cherish.

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