Saturday, October 7, 2017

Catching up...

Last time I wrote on the blog it was July, it was scorching hot and I was counting down the days to my summer vacations. Now it's October, the mornings are crisp and misty and my vacations seem to have taken place ages ago. A lot  of things  happened in the meantime.
Our trip this summer to Slovenia and Croatia was amazing. Among other things we...drank white wine that tasted like freshly cut grass, watched shooting stars from the darkness of silent vineyards, went rafting on the crystal clear waters of the Soca river, met a bunny who lives in a castle, swam water so clear it seemed invisible, ate mouthwatering seafood on a flight of stairs overlooking the Sibenik Cathedral, took a boat to the Kornati Islands and much much more.
Shortly after we came back I turned 30 and my friends basically kidnapped me and took me to Barcelona as a surprise gift, making me feel like I am the luckiest 30 year-old to ever roam the earth.
Now I'm back to my routine of work and to-do-lists trying to hold on to that feeling you get while travelling when everything seems slightly more poetic than in your everyday life.
I have a few finished products to put up in my shop (one of which I am particularly proud of), a few new projects on my needles and lots of ideas in my head.

A few pictures of the summer in random order...

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